Welcome to our wedding page! Thanks for having a look here. Let us give you the essentials first:

  • We're getting married (!!!)
  • on 11 September 2010 (yes, 9.11., you have no excuse for forgetting it!)
  • in Cluj, Transylvania(!), Romania, where Ilinca grew up.

We're very much looking forward to sharing our big day with you, so we've created this page to provide you all the info about the wedding. Well, to be honest not all the info, there will be surprises... even for us :)


25.11.2010 The final pictures of our wedding day have been added.
23.09.2010 The first few pictures of our wedding day have been added.
20.09.2010 New pictures have been added.
04.09.2010 A section with practical information about the currency and the dress code has been added.
06.08.2010 The pictures of the civil wedding are online.
16.05.2010 The start of the religious ceremony has been moved to 11:00 AM (Day Schedule).
16.05.2010 Pension Siago has been added to the Hotels in Cluj section.
14.02.2010 A section has been added about our Witnesses and Nași.
10.02.2010 The price for a double room at the Opera Plaza Hotel***** will be around 80 - 85 EUR/night for our guests. Depending on how many people book and for how many nights, this price might go down. If you want to book a room there, you have to do it through us, so that they know you're our guests and give you the discount. So, if you'd like to stay at the Opera Plaza, just let us know how many rooms you'd like and the dates and we'll book the rooms for you.
10.02.2010 We've added some info on tourist attractions in Cluj.