If you dislike flying, coming to Cluj by car can be an alternative, but you have to be aware of the following:

  • The distance is 1'500 km from Zurich. It will take you a full day of driving.
  • There are no highways in Romania and parts of Hungary.
  • Some roads in Romania are bad and the driving style of other drivers can be dangerous.
  • You won't save a lot of money, if at all.
  • If you pass Munich, Vienna of Budapest at rush hour, be prepared to lose more time.

If you still think about coming by car, here are some directions from Zurich:

  • You can take the highway via St. Gallen - Munich - Salzburg - Vienna - Budapest
  • From Budapest take the road towards Oradea (RO) at the border between Hungary and Romania.
  • From Oradea, it is around 2 hours to Cluj-Napoca, on a good road (not a highway).