Hotels in Cluj

Here's a list of hotels in Cluj which we can recommend. We haven't stayed over night in any of them, but we've visited them and seen rooms, so we have some idea what we're talking about :)

The map below shows where the hotels are located, where we will have the wedding party (the yellow house on the map), and where the church (the yellow oval marker), in which the religious ceremony will take place, is.

The blue oval markers indicate various sights in the city center.

Hotel Single room Double room Suite Comments
Agape**** €57 €65   Located right in the center of Cluj. Rooms are big and comfortable.
Topaz Best Western*** €52 - €99 €62 - €115 €77 - €135 Located a bit outside of the city center (~10 minutes walk to Opera Plaza). Very nice rooms, with air conditioning. The suite was quite fancy. They don't seem to have a web page in English, but you can take a look at it anyway for the photos :)
Victoria*** €44 €61 €68 Located in the city center. Simple but ok rooms, with a bit of a communistic feel to them. They said that September is the busiest month of the year for them, so it's recommended to book a few months in advance.
Vila Eunicia*** €25 €37 €73 Also located in the city center. Rooms are simple, but if you don't need any special comfort this villa is a good and cheap option.
Opera Plaza***** €80-85 ? This is where the wedding party will take place. We haven't yet seen any rooms in this hotel but are confident that the quality is good. The given price of €80-85 for a double room is a special price that the hotel offers for our guests. Depending on how many people book and for how many nights, this price might go down some more.
If you want to make a reservation here at the given discount price, you have to do it through us, so that they know you're our guests. So just let us know how many rooms you want and on what dates and we'll make the booking for you.
Pensiunea Siago *** €35 €39 - Located in the center of Cluj, this pension offers modern and charming rooms for a reasonable price. Breakfast is not included and will cost €4.