Witnesses & Nași

We'd like to introduce the people who will play a special role in our wedding. Our civil wedding will take place in Switzerland and follow the Swiss tradition, while the religious one will take place in Romania and hence will follow Romanian traditions. So we will have both witnesses, which are typical for Swiss weddings, and naşi, which are part of a Romanian tradition. For more details on what the naşi are, see Romanian traditions.


So here are our witnesses, who will guarantee with their signatures that we are indeed legally married.

Adriana Ispas

Samuel Merz

Adriana comes from the same city and studied at the same university as Ilinca, but they only met once they were both in Zurich. She is a PhD student at the ETH Zurich. She and her boyfriend Florin are among our best friends in Zurich.

Sämi is one of Daniel's best and oldest friends and shares his passion for paragliding and photography -- which lead to them going through some extreme situations (and heated discussions about the best photo and video equipment) together.


And here are our naşi, who will stand by us in the religious ceremony and at the wedding party.

Ioana & Rareş Ciutrilă

Anca Doboş & Adrian Dăianu

Ioana and Rareş have been pushing us to get married for a few years, so now they have to pay for that by being our naşi! They have been married since July 2006, have a very cute (and extremely active!) son and a daughter is now on the way. They're both dentists and have recently opened their own practice.
Anca and Adi are not married yet, but we're confident we'll be celebrating their wedding soon :) (that is, if they don't kill us first for writing this...). They're both economists and work at one of the biggest banks in Romania. This will be the first time they are naşi at a wedding and they've been a lot of help for us with the wedding preparations.