North of Cluj-Napoca

Maramureș is a region in the North of Romania and is around four hours away from Cluj-Napoca by car. The sites we like most in this region are listed below. To visit both of them, a two-day trip should be enough.


Eight of the many wooden churches in Maramureș are listed as a UNESCO world heritage. Bârsana is a complex of monasteries containing one of these churches and is definitely worth a visit.

Vișeu de Sus

Vișeu de Sus is the entrance to the 'Vaser' valley, a beautiful and almost untouched valley deep in the Carpathian mountains. Since the 1930s, there exists a forestry railway which is still in use today thanks to the support of the Swiss association 'Help for the Vaser Valley Railway' and donations from private persons.

In summer there are tourist trains with steam locomotives which take the passengers deep into the beautiful valley on a half-day trip.
More information about the railway is available here.