As you probably know, prices for plane tickes can vary a lot. There is no fixed rule when prices are low, therefore we indicate for each possible connection the lowest prices to be expected from our experience.

We will try to keep you updated about the current prices for tickets. If you're unsure about what connection to use or if you have other questions, just contact us directly.

From Switzerland

Lufthansa is probably the airline with the highest quality flying to Cluj-Napoca.

Zurich (ZRH) / Basel (BSL) - Cluj-Napoca (CLJ) via Munich (MUC)
  • Flight Time: 3:50 / 3:10 from ZRH, 4:55 / 4:15 from BSL
  • Daily
  • Changes: 1
  • Estimated price: €150 - €250
  • Remark 1: This is our preferred connection.
  • Remark 2: The prices are currently very high for this connection (€330 and more), but they probably will drop. Watch out for special deals.
Note: Accessing Munich Airport by train is annoying. It takes 5 hours from Zurich and there are no high speed trains. Therefore we recommend using the connection flight.
Tarom is Romania's national airline. We were happy with the quality so far.

Zurich (ZRH) - Cluj-Napoca (CLJ) via Bucharest (OTP):
  • Flight Time: 6:20 / 4:25
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Changes: 1
  • Estimated price: €250
  • Remark: We have never used this connection so far.
Frankfurt (FRA) - Cluj-Napoca (CLJ):
  • Flight Time: 2:05 / 2:20
  • Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Changes: 0
  • Estimated price: €100 - €150
  • Remark 1: These rates are already available for booking now. For some reason, the €100 rate is only available when booking for one person at a time.
  • Remark 2: When booking the flight through LTurFly, a train ticket from Basel to Frankfurt Airport can be added for only €33 and the train ride takes around 3 hours from Basel.
Malev is Hungary's national airline. Service on board is very limited and changing planes in Budapest can be annoying because of construction work. But the planes still arrive at their destinations :)

Zurich (ZRH) - Cluj-Napoca (CLJ) via Budapest (BUD):
  • Flight Time: 4:50 / 4:20
  • Daily
  • Changes: 1
  • Estimated price: €120 - €250
  • Remark 1: The prices are currently very high. Malev writes on their webpage that the best prices can be expected either 42 or 21 days before departure.
  • Remark 2: There are two connections daily, one of the flights only arrives at 01:15 AM in CLJ and leaves already on 06.25 AM from CLJ. This might be a good alternative if you can't take any days off from work.

From the rest of the world

All the airlines listen above also fly from major Europen cities and since they are part of alliances, even intercontinental connections are possible.

There is a low-cost airline called Wizzair flying from various European cities (London, Paris, Barcelona, ...) directly to Cluj-Napoca. They have very competitive rates, however, we have never used any of their connections. We know people who have and they said the flight was ok, but we've also heard stories about flights being canceled on very short notice.