Practical Information

Romanian money

The Romanian currency is called Romanian New Lei, or in short Lei, pronounced like the English "lay". "Lei" means "lions" in Romanian :) The abbreviation is RON.

Credit cards are accepted in many hotels and restaurants in the big cities, Cluj included. For small expenses you will need cash, which you can get at any ATM with a Maestro card. There are plenty of ATMs in the city center. You can also exchange cash in a foreign currency into Lei at any exchange office, and again there are plenty of them in the city center. Just make sure that they have 0% commission on cash exchanges -- for most of them this is the case, but not for all. You will need an ID if you exchange cash.

If you're left with Romanian cash when you leave, there are a few duty free shops at the Cluj airport, so you can get rid of some money there ;) If you have more left, than you want to spend in a duty free shop, we can exchange it for you into CHF/EUR.

Euros are generally not accepted for cash payments, so don't rely on that.

What to wear as a wedding guest

Traditionally the dress code for the wedding party is black tie: suits for men and cocktail/evening dresses for women. But this is just a guideline, so variations are allowed. Dracula costumes however are an exception to the rule and are NOT allowed! (Just because the question came up already).

For the church ceremony some people wear the same they will wear at the party afterwards, some others prefer more confortable and less elegant clothes. Both options are ok.