Romanian traditions

There are no witnesses (Trauzeugen) in Romanian weddings. Instead, the bride and groom choose 1 or 2 couples who they are especially close to and who will be their "naşi". These couples have to be married or about to be married and will have the role of advisers of the newly married couple. Next to the bride and groom, they play the most important role in a Romanian wedding: they participate in the religious ceremony and, at the party, they sit with the bride and groom at a separate table.

Probably the best known tradition for the wedding party is the kidnapping of the bride: some time during the party the bride gets "stolen" by some friends and then one of the naşi has to pay to get her back. As this results in the bride being away from her own wedding for an hour or two, we will do everything we can to avoid it... including that Ilinca will have a pepper spray on her ;) A variation of this tradition is that one of the bride's shoes get stolen -- we would really also like to avoid this happening.

There are no presents at Romanian weddings. Instead of a gift, people give money to the bride and groom. This is usually in the form of cash brought to the wedding party and given there to the bride and groom. So don't be surprised if you see this happening. However, you being there at our wedding (and even travelling from abroad for that!) is the best present that you can give us, so please don't follow this tradition or give us any other presents.